A boutique building in the Old North of the City, located across from Yehezkel Garden, features 10 apartments with generous inner apertures designed to capture the wonderful view of the Garden and create landscape continuity, light and movement.

  • Location

    The New North - The Northern Part

  • Project

    Under constuction

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  • Planning

    Rubin Architects

  • More

    You can grow your own vegetables in the nearby "Magid" garden.

A boutique building overlooking Yehezkel Garden

The residential building, located near the beach and Yarkon Park, is suitable for those unwilling to relinquish a quiet residential environment, or the bustle of the City found around the corner offering an entire world. The building has 10 apartments and overlooks the wonderful Yehezkel Garden (or known by its official name – Gimpel Garden).

The Old North – the Northern Part

The Old North was designed by Sir Patrick Geddes as part of Tel Aviv's first master plan, and was designed as a garden town, its principles dictate the form of its construction to this day, making it the only one of its kind. In the area are located fine cafes, excellent restaurants and unique boutique shops. Its immediate proximity to Yarkon Park and the beach will present you with two wonderful backdrops for your promenade.

A residential experience offering maximum privacy and comfort

The building was designed by Rubin Architects and will include only 10 apartments. The ground floor has a single apartment with a private garden; floors 1-3 have two apartments per floor, and floors 4-5 have one apartment on each floor. The 6th floor is single penthouse apartment with spacious balconies. Each apartment has regular underground parking for maximum convenience.

Planning quality

The building has been designed in such a way that all apartments have at least 3 airflow directions and generous inner apertures for you to enjoy the view of the garden, and to maximize natural light and air in the apartments.

And one more thing

You can grow your own vegetables in Yehezkel Garden.

Apartment # SQM Balcony Floor # More info Share
1 108 110 Ground +
8 172 19 4 +
9 172 19 5 +
10 134 55 6 +